Suvess R. Ricks, Associate Superintendent

Updated: March 2007

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum & Instruction of the Douglas County School System.  These pages are where you will find information regarding the learning process of your child.  If you have any specific interests that are not covered in these pages, please let us know so we can include them.  Check back often for news and updates!

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Special Education Personnel Professional Development
Curriculum  Professional Learning Community Assessment
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Our vision is to be a cohesive group committed to the success of each instructional staff member to make sure those who are charged with instruction have the support to improve continuously.

To provide support to all personnel involved in instruction so that students will have the skills to be successful in their present and future world.

Regional accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) provides benefits to Douglas County elementary, middle, and high schools in many ways.  SACS standards help to insure that uniform procedures for establishing curriculum offerings and awarding credit are practiced throughout the southeast and the entire country (through cooperating regional agencies).  The criteria offer proven and consistent methods of evaluating school programs.


Elementary School Instruction Middle School Instruction High School Instruction
Special Education Personnel Professional Development
Curriculum Professional Learning Community Assessment

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